Great Teamwork: A Pleasure to Work With

Hinckley, Shepherd, Norden Architects recently completed the drawings for an addition to our home, and are now overseeing construction. While we had a general idea of what we wanted, many of the details were undefined. Hinckley, Shepherd, Norden Architects offered a number of options that satisfied our interests, met a requirement of consistency with our existing home architecture, and easily met the required construction standards and codes.

While we dealt mostly with the assigned architect, all three architects offered suggestions and presented options as the final plans were developed. One of our requirements was that the design process be fun for us, but also fun for the architect; we routinely verified with each other that we were all, indeed, enjoying the design process.

It is without hesitation that we recommend Hinckley, Shepherd, Norden Architects for your architectural needs, whether for a small addition to your existing building, or a new building of any size or complexity.

– Larry and Carolyn Parks


No Gimmicks… Just Pure Clean Workable Design

Even though I have known Albert Hinckley for more than 50 years and have now had the benefit of his talents on at least 10 projects, there is no question, in my mind, what a superior designer he is.

I think I instinctively trusted his judgment about design, space and light, because we both grew up in houses designed by the same architect from Switzerland who lived here in the 40’s, and were influenced by his work.

To live in my house, as I have now for 50 years, is a joy every day. You can’t get depressed even on a cloudy day because with so much glass, it’s like living in nature.

Though my husband and I added to the house, Albert’s design, the ebb and flow remains consistent and seamless.

There are no gimmicks on contrived bits to try to make it fussy, just pure clean workable design, easy to live in.

– Gina Farrar


Fantastic Service

Dear David,

Jill & I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic service you provided for our river house project.  It is truly a wonderful space.

Our goal was to transform a 50-year-old space that was tired and never meant to be on the water, into a bright and beautiful waterfront property.  All we can say is, mission accomplished!  You took my wife’s vision and made it into reality.  As I walk through the living room today, it is hard to believe it is the same house.  We now have a place on the water that we look forward to using year around.

The details that you specified for both the kitchen and the living spaces are ideal.  Thank you very much for bringing excellence to the design of our project.  We could not be happier.

-Jim and Jill Mitchell